Sales Channel


Retail, Wholesale, Discount Market and Bio-Market

The Retail has a large number of stores within the niches we operate, being able to exceed 15,000 points of sales and more than 60% of the items on shelf’s are imported products with great relation for products in Europe, still there are also some big players around the Europe, which this number can exceed 50.000 Points of Sales. Beyond we have synergy with Bio-Market, which it is a Good Opportunity to Organic Products. There are in Germany more than 5.000 Points of Sales.


Beverage Shop

The beverage market is segment of the food trade and comprises numerous products and distribution channels. German consumers spend around 21 billion euros a year on non-alcoholic beverages. Non-alcoholic beverages include mineral water and soft drinks as well as fruit juices. Around the our knowledge there are more than 5.000 Specific Beverage Trade Company, which they supply to more than 50.000 Points of Sales.


Bakery, Confectionery

The bakery trade produces and sells bakery products such as bread, rolls and the like. Depending on their size, bakeries are counted as part of the food trade or the food industry (production of baked goods, from 20 employees upwards). A related branch of the bakery trade are confectioneries producing sweet and long-life baked goods.

Just in Germany there are around 10.000 Bakery Companies, which have they about 40.000 Sales Outlets