Sales Channel

Luxury Gourmet | Luxus-Gourmet

We approach the Emporium, Delicatessen, Premium Food Stores, where the Luxury Gourmet Market grows in Germany and with foreign products of great quality, design and price consistent to reach the target public, this market has many opportunities in Germany and as the German consumer it is loyal to the brand, products and store, usually the sale when it happens always keeps interesting and the oscillation is small. In Germany there are more than 400 establishments in this market, where several have more than 1 store.

Prime Retail | Prime Einzelhandel

We approach Luxury Supermarket, Galleries, BioMarket and Small Retail, where Retail has a large number of stores within the niches we operate, being able to exceed 15,000 points of sales and more than 60% of the items in shleves are imported products with great relation for products in Europe, due to the immigrants who live here. Revenue in the „Food & Beverages“ segment amounts to Euro 1,100m in 2017, with expected to show an annual growth rate of 16%.

Food Service| Nahrungsmittelservice

We approach Gourmet Companies, Catering and Premium Restaurants, the scope of this market has a great visibility, since the main cities have a high index of tourist and the German it has the habit of traveling constantly and frequenting good restaurants, within the niches in the Food Service Market, there are over 500 locations that will have affordability and opportunity for a sales and business development in a market that boasts an annual increase due to the varieties and modernity of the cuisine and products.