Specialities | Spezialitäten

Specialities Products are Products that suppliers have the different concept to produce with the high investment to achieve the excellent product, Is the sector that we give the attention to the details that become the outstanding to the products, where we act with the specific buyer in specific Market, all the focus become an customize Development to the Sales.

Chocolate | Schokolade

The Chocolate Lines are Very special, despite has a lot of company in the Germany that sell Chocolat, we see opportunity in kind of different market types, getting excellent possibility to Sales. Inside these markets we can achieve a great value-added with interest results.

Biscuits | Keks

Biscuits sector is always in constant growing, therefore there are specific markets to engage, has a lot of company in the Germany that sell Biscuits, but we search opportunities in specifics market, thus found Great possibility to Sales, but we need to have an perfect synergy with suppliers and Buyers to thereby good results achieve.

Oil | Öl

The Oil Segment is special to develop, because there are an specific way to good engage, The main suppliers to the German Market is Spain with your Olive Oil, Others kind of type of Oils (for example: Coco Oil, Sunflower Oil, Canola Oil…) come from different Countries including own produce inside the Germany as Sunflower Oil and Canola Oil, With this we search possibilities in specifics market, thus we can find Great opportunities to Sales.

Canned | Konzerviert

The Canned Segment is a Sector very interest, due to your particularity as kind of products, kind of types of pack, where each one has your synergy with an different act market, since Supermarket until Food Service and it has different manners to achieve your Sales, even so can achieve excellent results becoming products with good profit.

Beverage (Non alcohol) | Getränke (Ohne Alkohol)

Beverages Market is an aggressive Market due to competitors that has, but even so we have opportunities to special beverages as Juices, Fruit Blends and Water, with the correct Suppliers that we search to develop put to an fundaments strategies and an perfect Sales Plan, these products become an advantage competitive inside the German Market, with this we have excellent Possibilities to the best Results.

Candies | Süßigkeiten

The Candies Market ist the sector that we work with subtlety to an correct engagement, due to Law and rules of Country and People Health, we combine the Excellent products from the suppliers with the target public considering the certain approach and strategies align together with the suppliers to that the best results we will achieve.


The Snacks Sector have a lot of ramification to Sales, due to Points of Sales that give us the opportunities and the population as there are a lot of foreign people with different cultures, traditions, like and with a fast life that we live, the correct snacks to an busy day, inside the transport, between appointments… Thus with the Correct engagement in correct Market to achieve the public target, the result that we wait will can be achieves.